About Us

We are a small independent printing company situated in a small village just to the North of Nottingham. The business was started in 2000 initially as a partnership of print experts who spent the early part of their career in roles from production through to sales and in doing so learning many aspects of the printing industry.

In one of these roles, after having witnessed several customers turned away who were enquiring about wedding stationery and having “something different” they did some market research into several processes and The Print Warehouse was born

The staff at The Print Warehouse have not only a passion for quality print but only the machines that produce quality print and the print processes involved

Whilst we have a healthy respect for the digital revolution and the advances that has brought with it, there are some things that simply either can’t be replicated or just don’t look the same when using modern processes.

Customer service is a very over used term in business, especially in bigger companies where people can hide behind faceless call centres, and it is often paid lip service to

We believe in keeping things simple, real people on the end of the phone, who know the products and processes behind them, who love what they do and are happy to help.

…and in terms of selling, we don’t even try and do that, take a look around the site, these products sell themselves.